A First for Everything


This weekend I had my first ever try of Thai food! 

We went to Pershore again for the weekend and ended up in a lovely Thai restaurant called Thai Legend. 

It was a very busy place all the tables were full, and there was even a birthday party there. The waiters were also very fast and the orders came quickly even though they were full. 

We had a 3 course meal each. 

For the starter we had a mix of different foods, including: 

- prawn toast 
- chicken wrapped in banana leaf
- spring rolls
- spare ribs 
- chicken on a kebab stick 
- prawn in a batter 

For a main I had sea bass with lemon grass, which was lovely! 

By dessert I was quite full but I thought I'd just have room for a desert! I had a raspberry meringue and cream dish which was very nice, although unfortunately there was just 2 raspberries.  

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