Bank Holiday Weekend in London


This weekend was a bank holiday! Meaning a three day weekend! Yaaaaay! 

We took the opportunity to go to London, and stay over night, so that we could go on the London eye in the midnight hours.

We arrived in London about lunch time, and we were early for check in at hour hotel. We were also both famished, and so we went for first we couldn't decide on where to go, but we soon decided to re-visit Carluccio's in St. pancreas station. 

Again the food was absolutely amazing! For starters we had a bread tin (with multiple types of bread) and olives - the olives there are the best I've ever had!  

I had a tuna and anchovy salad for lunch, and my boyfriend had a delicious seafood lasagne, which tasted so nice, however it was very filling! (Unfortunately I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of the meal). We also had garlic bread which was really nice - doorstep slices of wow! 

After lunch we went back to the hotel to check in and we stayed there for a little while before setting off to our planned trips. 

Firstly, we went to the London Sea Life Centre Aquarium. 

Finding Nemo Fish....Nemo & Dori 

It was really nice there, there was lots of different fish too we saw sting rays (which have really weird faces), sharks, Finding Nemo & Dori fish, sea horses, starfish, turtles, eels, catfish, penguins (my favourite although you couldn't see that too well - because of the glass). 

Sting Ray's face...they came right up to us!

Sharks! Which were really hard to get a photo of as they moved sooooo fast!

Penguins - which looked really sad :( I think they'd of been better in an open Zoo area
rather than coop-ed up behind glass.

Looking at fish is actually very relaxing, just watching them swim along without a care in the world, kind of makes you forget your own problems for a while. 

The aquarium was pretty big, however not quite as big as I was expecting. It's definitely worth a visit though!!! 

After the aquarium we were both a little peckish, and so went for dinner. Again, we didn't really know where to go - especially since we had to be back at the London Eye for quarter past nine at the latest. We decided upon Canary Wharf, we both really like it there - and it's very peaceful on weekends. I think that every time that we've been to London we've visited Canary Wharf. 

We went to another favourite of ours, all bar one. There we had dinner; a starter of squid and main meals of Fish & Chips and a Burger. It was really nice, since we sat outside over looking the river, and the glass sky scrapers - It is just a lovely and very clean area. 

over looking the water

After dinner, it was slightly darker and so we hopped onto the tube back to Waterloo. When we got off at Waterloo it was dark and all the lights were on (which felt slightly strange since it was hardly just getting dark at Canary Wharf). We walked around for a little and I took photos of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament all lit up. 

I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked at night with all the lights, it truly was stunning! (The photos don't do it justice!) 

After a short queue for the London Eye we got on! I was sooooooo excited I couldn't wait I knew it would be so magical and it really was! Although unfortunately none of my cameras really worked this weekend and so the picture quality isn't as brilliant as I would have liked (my main SLR camera really didn't want to work).

I didn't want to get off at all I could happily do that again, and again, and again... In fact I have now added it to my bucket list here:

Waterloo Station!

After the magical thirty minute rotation on the London eye I was so happy, ecstatic even. It was just so breathtakingly beautiful, especially from the very top. You could see the whole of Waterloo station, The Shard, Big Ben....everything! It was so amazing! 

After that we were a little tired, to say the least. We did plan on going into Camden for a few drinks but we couldn't face it so we went back to the hotel to sleep.

The Next Day....

Leicester Square

The next day, we woke up really tired and run down. We did think about going straight back home, but since it was such a lovely and warm day out - we went to Leicester Square to chill in the sunshine. 

A comical ballet show in Covent Garden

We spent all day there! We also took a walk to Covent Garden, where there was a little show on. Plus, we went to the Tesco in Covent Garden to have a little picnic for lunch - which was really nice! 


On the scaffolding for the statue they had little quotes from shakespeare around it! Which I thought was nice. 
"I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it."

This quote was especially fitting for the whole weekend as I really like London.

Famous red telephone box.

We also met some friends in Leicester Square, as they were visiting too. 

It was another fantastic weekend in London, I can not wait to go is getting under my skin now and I really do love it! 

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