Another lovely weekend


This weekend has been yet again, a perfectly lovely one. I've also tried many new things this weekend! Friday afternoon for me wasn't the greatest, but the evening certainly made up for that! 

We caught the train into town! Which only took a few minutes and actually turned out to cost less than the bus! 

We went to a bar called The Orange Tree, which is a really lovely place. There we had our evening meal!

 I also tried Rekorderlig Passionfruit cider for the first time too! 

We had an absolutely lovely starter of Olives (yet again!) I'm becoming slightly  obsessed with olives for someone who didn't like them...and bread with balsamic vinegar & oil! It was a really nice starter, not as nice as the one we had in London but still it was very nice. 

For our main we both had burgers! Although mine was chicken - since I'm not a massive fan of beef burgers. The burger bread was a little hard and over toasted but it was still nice. 

I was also told that after saying "McDonald's chips were the best" I HAD to try the chips at the orange tree. Which were lovely...and probably much better then the McDonald's chips (although I don't like to admit that ;) ) 

After eating we moved on to bar Bruxelles. Which is an absolutely amazing bar! The ceiling was so magical it reminded me of an opera house! 

The staff were nice too, the bar man was talking to me about saving all his tips in order to move to Italy and was telling me all about his adventures to Florence and other places, he once went to a restaurant and ordered fish, and they went to the ocean to catch it! Real fresh food! Also, I wouldn't mind working there myself as it has a lovely atmosphere! 

They have a wide selection of Belgian beers too. My boyfriend had one called Kwak, which comes in a science test tube like bottle, which was pretty cool and you have to pay a deposit for! I tried a little - although so far all of the beers I've tried I've hated! But that beer was so so so strong! It went straight to my head! It tasted strong too! 

I only had a raspberry daiquiri, which wasn't actually a raspberry daiquiri since they'd ran out of raspberry puré was ok though, it tasted nice - and I got a strawberry on the side. It was also cool to watch the bartender make it, another first; I've never seen anyone make a cocktail before! 

After this bar we were both a little drunk (well at least I was!) it was also getting late so we headed back to the train station to get the train home. 

We stopped off at the bar next to the station as it wasn't quite time for our train. I just had a soft drink but the bar was actually really nice I'd like to go again. The decor of the place was really nice too. 

The next day we went out for breakfast! Another new thing for me as I've never eaten breakfast out before! 

We went to Bar Dos Hermanos (which we've been here before) and the menu was so full of amazing dishes it was so hard to pick! In the end I picked pancakes with bacon and maple syrup they tasted sooooooo nice!!!! And mango juice (yup not at all predictable there!) 

All in all it was yet again a lovely weekend :) 

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