Day trip to London


We spontaneously decided to go to London for the day since the weather was the most beautiful we've had so far. 

Excuse that my phone is in French hehe!

The drive down to London was quite quick actually only taking 1hr15! But there was little to no traffic and we set off relatively early. 

After parking the car we set off on the tube to Leicester Square, we were going to Camden but we were both hungry so decided to go on the way back (unfortunately we didn't get to but maybe next time!) 

In Leicester square was this sushi place that we wanted to go to but it didn't open till 12 so we had a few minute walk around Leicester square and Piccadilly. We walked by the shops and china town and went to the famous TDK  advertising thingy! It was as if we were in a different country and not England! 

After walking around for a while we headed to the Sushi place, called Hi-sushi-izakayal, I'd never tried sushi before but it is quite nice! We had a buffet of many different things from salmon to pork (unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the mains!). 

On the short walk to the park - London eye, Big Ben....

After our lovely lunch we sat down in Victoria Embankment Gardens and just enjoyed the sunshine for a while before setting off again! It was lovely just to relax on the warm sunshine. 

See how close this pigeon came to the camera!

After relaxing for a while we set off again to see the O2 Arena and cable cars over the Thames.   

It was so hot around that area that we couldn't say for long we were going to have a drink inside the O2 because of the air conditioning but it was packed so we didn't. 

Personally I don't think that I could ever go on those cable cars! *shivers just looking at them* 

We then got the tube again to canary wharf, it's so clean and beautiful there and the skyscrapers are like whoa! You look up and all you can see is glass buildings it really is surreal.  

It was really lovely around this area we had a drink in a place called all bar one! There was nothing better than a strawberry & lime cider on a hot day! 

The bar was so posh and clean! 

The view from where we were sat! 

After our drink we sunbathed on the grass around the tube station, it was lovely to look up at the skyscrapers & feel the warm sun. 

Again, it didn't seem like England. 

We headed off then to see the famous London bridge. 

If you look closely you can see tower bridge. 

We had an ice cream overlooking the Thames too which was really nice! 

After our ice creams it was starting to get late and time had ran away from us, so we headed back to the car and back home. By this time I was getting used to using the Oyster card gate opening machines haha!

Although whist walking to the tube there wasn't an announcement that there was a delay caused by a person under a train. Apparently it's a normal thing to hear & quite common but I still can't get over it! It's just so sad to hear :( 

Our drive back wasn't as quick as coming due to a) someone breaking down and b) an accident over the other side of the road which people had slowed down to look at...luckily we weren't on that side of the road as there was a stand still lasting miles! 

We drove back through the countryside which was a lovely view too!

All in all it was a perfect day! I can't wait to see London again! 

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  1. OMG. It's so gorgeous. Great post! I've only been to England once and never got the chance to go over to London. I can't wait to go back. Xoxo :)

    1. Thank you! It was so lovely! It was a perfect day!
      I live in England and have visited a few places around, but honestly London is like a totally different country, it's nothing like anywhere else in England! :) I can't wait to see London again!

      I hope you come back soon! xxx