University tutorial


This evenings university tutorial was really quite great.

As usual I was early! I was worried that I would be the only one there, then my tutor turned up and it was just me and her but I got to ask her if she could go over the assignment topic - which she did. Then two others turned up too! 

I got the information that I needed to help me in order to do my assignment. I wrote down lots of notes regarding that and also I drew up a mini plan for my assignment during the break...yep I worked through my break! Although, I do now feel a lot more confident with writing my assignment, or re-writing it shall we say. 

We also did a Parkinson/Jerry Springer style way of learning bout Greek medicine. We had to research some of Hypocrisies disciplines and then talk about them in the style of an interview. Which was a quite fun way of learning! I also found the Greek medicine chapter to be quite enlightening and really interesting about how it relates to today's medicine...but...being more into the language side as my degree is language based, I'm doing my next assignment on short stories instead of the subject of medicine. 

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