Ticketed off the list (Summer Bucket list)


I've ticked off number 5 on my bucket list:

Get a navel piercing

I got it yesterday before going to Uni'. 

The piercer was really nice & put me at ease. 

The pain:

The pain wasn't all that bad, the clamps were maybe a 2-out of-10. The actual piercing was a very sharp 4/5 - out of - 10. It wasn't an unbearable pain and it was over in a second. 

The threading through of the bar felt very strange!

After I got up I went all dizzy and the piercer gave me a Lollypop haha! But all day at Uni I felt awful, it bled for 2 hours, I felt feverish dizy & sick, my stomach really hurt to the point where I could concentrate at Uni'. 

 The piercer & owner of the tattoo parlour were both really lovely and said to come back, which I did the piercer wiped up the blood and said it looks fine there's nothing wrong with it & said its probably just shock and gave me his number. 

It was soooo hard to sleep on my back last night too! 

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