Perfect Sunny Day!


This morning me, my mother and grandfather went to the garden centre to get some flowers for mums new garden, as well as some tub pot things! 

I have quite bad hayfever and I've always had it since I can remember but honestly my hayfever wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be! I've been using Prevalin Allergy spray and it claims it works better than tablets and I think it does actually! 

After shopping around for countless flowers we stopped off and had coffee, cake and ice cream at the quint little cafe next to the garden centre. 

Afterwards me and my mum went to town for a little shopping. We stopped off in my favourite Italian restaurant which also has a beautiful outdoor eating courtyard area! 

We sat under a palm tree under the hot sun and it was lovely - extremely lovely! It did actually feel as if we were in Italy (if only....) 

Also today I finally received my phone call from Uni regarding my next module!!! Can't wait to start French in October!!!

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