So today driving didn't go well. 

I haven't driven now for 10 days, since I have no one to practice with and I only have one hour lessons a week - but this week I had to swap Tuesday for Friday.

The drive started off ok, and then as usual (for the last 5-ish lessons) we went into the manoeuvres. 

- The first sweeping reverse corner went well. 

- The turn in the road went well. 

- The sweeping reverse didn't go too well as it was up hill and I put too much wheel on and nearly hit the curb. 

My actual drive after the manoeuvres didn't go well either, I stalled once - early twice. I messed up going into 2nd gear twice....and ugh my left corners weren't great. 

I started off stressed before I even got into the car, and now, I'm even more stressed. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere as again next week will be the same manoeuvres *sighs*

 I think it will be at least next year before I do my test.... :(

I also worked out that I've had 21.30 hours of driving

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