Driving and an errand that lead to happiness


Driving went really well again today. It was just the usual drive with again maneuvers, we also did a sharp corner reverse because before we've only done the sweeping corners - although I much prefer the sharp ones over the sweeping.  My usual drive went really well - apart from I stalled 3 times at the round about - that sucked!!! I also managed to burn my arm and my chest from the really hot mid day sun - that sucked too!

After driving I had to go to my old college to get a reference, as I may be going back there to do a level 3....but I'm not 100% sure yet I just wanna do it to get a job really.

But anyway, I wanted to see my old tutor but she wasn't in today so instead I saw my old mentor!

It was so lovely to see her again she is so kind and helpful she truly is the most wonderful woman I have ever met and she really and truly did change my life, I'm not sure i'd still be here without her she made me realize that languages and wanting to teach English abroad was my true hearts desire and she gave the courage and the confidence to do that. She got me through some really though times at college with my depression and so on, and it made me realize just how much I have achieved in a year since I last saw her. She also made me feel really happy inside and I was smiling for the rest of the day!

I also managed to finish reading the chapters on Benin in my university course book so I can now move onto planning my next assignment!

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