The Great Gatsby Film


This afternoon me and my best friend went to the cinema to see The Great Gatsby. We had both previously read the novel by the best modern classical author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The film all in all was very good, marvellous in fact! I'd see it again if I could and hopefully i will! I'm defiantly going to buy it on DVD when it's released!

I really really want to see it again!!!!

Positives and Negatives of the film:


- good casting
- good scenes
- followed the story of the book quite well
- good cameras angles and shots
- quotes on the screen
- the music (especially Lana Del Rey) but I'm biased I love her!!!
- the length of time; wasn't too long nor too short
- good duration of scenes
- didn't leave the film hanging
- easy to follow


- could of picked a more glamours actress to play Jordan
- the part of Nick Caraway in the physiatrists office; not mentioned at all in the book
- the beginning should of been more like the book
- no one came to Gatsby's funeral although they did in the book
- Daisy is slight different in the book

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  1. It is a story of unfulfilled love, what a man can do to win back his love and the reality of rich people. Gatsby is romantic but mysterious figure who throws out huge parties. He is a symbol of man's hope and also an example that proves that money can't buy everything and leads himself to tragic death....