Reasons not to Give Up


I feel really depressed right now. I just am lacking in any sense of motivation and well I feel like giving up. 
So I've put together a list of reasons why not to give up:

  • It would be nice for once not to say 'I Quit'. 
  • You're stronger than you think. 
  • You've wanted this for a long time. 
  • Things will get better. 
  • Serendipity happens. 
  • You'll feel so proud for accomplishing this. 
  • Everybody goes through rough times. 
  • You've been through rough patches before and you're still going. 
  • Prove to yourself that you can do it.
  • Prove to others that you can do it. 
  • This is for your future. 
  • Think of the long term effects quitting will have. 
  • You CAN do this. 
  • Let your determination get you through. 
  • Remember the good times. 
  • Remember why you are doing this. 
  • You are clever. 

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