Driving Lesson


Today my driving went really well much better than last times lesson!

I drove to the usual road which we did the turn in the road on before and then I did two of those perfectly. (although I HATE doing them, not because I can't do them just because there's so much information) We then went onto reversing around corners she told me about the theory too it which sounded really complex and I thought OMG...but really doing it wasn't too bad at all just have to remember the steps:

  1. Park up a little off 
  2. POM 
  3. Put into reverse and carry on until you just see the curb disappear 
  4. Check wheel arch 
  5. Make 1 and a quarter turns as needed 
  6. Check position 
  7. Get Parallel 
We only did this maneuver once but I got it perfect the first time and I was good at knowing what to do if it went too wide or too narrow. 

Although It was only an hours lesson I feel like we packed a lot into it and I can defiantly tell that my driving has improved. Next week were doing again reversing round corners and I have to do a turn in the road on my own. 

She also told me to get the DSA Theory Book 2012 and to read through it - once I have read it all she is going to give me some theory practice papers to do - so hopefully soon I'll be doing my theory test! 

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