Driving & Jobs


Today is not a good day.

This morning I received a letter in the post saying that i'd not got a job and after that I applied for another job at Estee Lauder only to be informed that I can not apply for another 6 months...so much for persistence being key to finding a job.

Anyway.... Driving....

Driving didn't go too well first of all I changed from my usual driving boots to some trainers because of the hot weather...plus we were doing turn in the roads - or 3 point turns however you like to call them. During trying to do a 3-point turn which isn't my favourite maneuver anyway a bin lorry showed up which totally put me off...although I managed to do two of them today there's just so much information to take into account when doing it - I think I'd rather just go  the wrong way and end up in Wales.

My normal drive wasn't brilliant today either, we'd stopped at a junction for ages because I didn't go in time so we had to wait for ages - although on a plus note my gears and steering are really good. I just feel like overall it didn't go to well.

Next week I have to do a 3 point turn on my own and we are starting to do reversing around the corner.

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