Spring Adventure


On this sunny spring day me and my best friend went to have a picnic in the countryside. We drove along the countryside roads as the sun was shinning down on us, luckily it was getting sunnier as the day went on - although the weather forecast said it would rain...The weather was lovely the birds were all singing, and although it wasn't quite as sunny as yesterday it was still pleasantly warm, with little wind.

 We took a leisurely walk along the track towards the canal, along the fields. The fields were full of lambs! Although on the way there we didn't get up close to them only viewed them from across the bushes and fence.

Also on the walk there was a very posh house with several nice cars, opposite a quaint little church. And under the bridge was the canal where we stopped off to eat.

On our picnic we stopped off at the canal along the bank and laid out the blanket onto the grass. We sat down under the sunshine and ate. It was mostly healthy we both had Salads and we shared fruit although we also played Russian roulette with a packet of sweets - some nice tasting so not so much! The Coconut one was especially disgusting (yuck!) We also had a little cute dog run up to us wanting a fuss the owners came over and explained that he was new to the family, he was very cute though.

After our picnic we walked back along the track for a little while. We saw a field that was full of leaping spring lambs, chasing after one another - like tag but lamb style....it was so cute, we stayed watching them play for quite some time!

We got to walk in the actual field as well, although I had trouble getting over the gate. There were these two twin lambs number 145 and 145....they let us get really close to them, unlike most lambs who just ran away....it was as if they were posing for the camera! They were so cute we didn't want to leave them!

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