Poetry: the Faber book of beasts.


After not enjoying the likes of opera and Plato, I felt less than motivated!

But I'm absolutely loving this poetry topic! My degree is more English based than anything else, so I've not really enjoyed the music side. It also helps that I've always been a fan of poetry (Edgar Allen Poe and Sylvia Plath) and now I get to study it more in depth!

I really do think that the interest of a topic does help a lot with your motivation to do said topic, for example if you like a book on a certain topic your more likely to read and enjoy that than of a topic you find boring and/or have no interest in at all. That's defiantly what happened to me with opera and Plato. Maybe it's my age but I can't stand opera, and so I had no interest in reading it at all.

It's also great to learn new words that relate to the topic - I'm such a nerd right? Im really enjoying the book on its own I've read some of the other poems that aren't discussed in the course book but they're all really good too, I think I'm going to defiantly re-read this book again in the future of my own leisure.

As for notes so far I'm only on the second chapter of the topic but I've made a glossary of key words, written about the first poem we studied 'the fly' and about how that uses rhyming techniques, what these techniques are called and so on. Also about my views and thoughts of the poem. I've also this time written down the actives in my note book instead of writing all over the course book and just highlighting key terms or bits of interest that could be useful to my future english assignments. Which makes more a neater book and more organised notes.

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