Driving lesson - unmarked roundabouts


The lesson went really well I had a great start and everything even though my ankle was twisted it was fine (until the end....).

I started off pretty quickly and warmed up soon enough, my traffic lights were good and my gear changers were almost automatic and my breaking was much better too a lot smoother this time. It just shows how you improve!

The un marked roundabouts are hard because there's no lines to keep centre of so you pretty much have to hug the curb to go to the right, I also did the mini roundabouts too and we took a different route this time.

There was also a turning off a hill which I found difficult in the begging but now I'm finding that really easy to do now so it shows how much I've improved!

My tutor is also making me more aware of my driving line which she's not really done before.

I was doing really well until the end where there was a park can and a van coming towards me and I stalled the car but minus that It was really well. And my twisted ankle was really hurting too especially since it was hot in the car...although I'm not complaining as it was sunny!

Next time I'm doing the first of the Manoeuvres which is left, although she says they're hard she says I will probably like them because I have good pedal control....I'm not so sure that I do but apparently so, so ill just go with it! :)

Looking forward to next week I wish I could drive everyday I really enjoy it so far!

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