I joined the Open University last year in 2012. I am still waiting for my degree to start, February 2nd 2013.

I'm doing a BA Honors degree in Language Studies, French and English. I have always loved languages, especially French. It's my dream to teach English abroad and to be able to travel the world; I have a massive case of wanderlust.

My degree will take hopefully 4 years to complete, well it should do with my plan of action anyway! In February I will start the course AA100, Arts Past and Present. The course itself looks at many aspects of art including history, literature, paintings and music. Since I've not done a university course before it should help me to settle in and gain a strong grasp of essay writing.

I have already looked over the booklet which contains information about how to write essays and so on, I also highlighted the key information for when I need to look over it again. I also viewed the DVD on my first module - Cleopatra's image and read through the chapter on that. However I wasn't really sure what to do as I've not spoken with a tutor at all yet. But, I thought perhaps it was best to get a head start.

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