Uni day school


Today was my first full day at university, 10am till 4pm at Leicester University.

It was good to see other people on my course and also to get their ideas and see the other tutors way of teaching and their views on the topics.

We covered 4 topics of art-history:

1. Opera
2. Poetry
3. Philosophy
4. Architecture


Not my favourite subject to say the least but I did learn how to write my essay and also what to add into it. Also we deconstructed a piece of music, from the opera Tosca and wrote down the different vocal abilities.


This was the best of all the lectures. Firstly because I love poetry and secondly because the lecturer was so passionate about the topic and he also made it lighthearted and fun. I learnt a lot from this lecture, mainly that a poem should be read out loud, he told a story of how at his first degree the tutor told him he must always read a poem out loud to get the full meaning and how he's learnt that in fact his tutor was correct. Also we learnt technical terms and read through two poems and all discussed them as a group.


I had really hoped that this lesson was going to be good because we had an assignment on it unlike the poetry one where I felt I'd learnt more. To be honest we learnt nothing; which is a great shame. Actually we just went around in circles. I didn't even write anything down - only our little groups definition of courage.


This lecture was really interesting to look in detail at buildings and see their beauty, as often people just walk by and don't see the emended beauty and detailing that has gone into that particular building. We focused on Westminster Abby, the drawings and works of Pugin as well as gothic style vs. classical and the role religion plays in it.

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