Spring day out with my best friend


My best friend, Frankee and I went on a short road trip to the countryside. We went to a little place where there was this wonderfully delightful cafe. We also had a look around the little shops there were there - home ware  garden and jewelry boutiques. Each one was so lovely...although it had a nice price tag too! After our little walk around we went back to the cafe to get Ice creams which we'd seen previously, we sat outside in the warm spring weather (yes warm weather in England!) and ate our ice creams with a cream soda drink. After that we walked along a little country path to a lake....

It was a very lovely day! 

that cake was soooooo nice!

this cafe is amazing everything is homemade....also everything looks so temptingly tasty! 

fruit berry tea, chocolate cake, hot chocolate and a mocha cake! 

for once the weather guys were right! They said about 20 degrees and it was nearly! It's not been this hot for a while there was still some wind but when the wind went down there was no need for a jacket, as it was lovely! 

hand made strawberry ice cream - complete with real chucks of strawberries! 

this really did taste like cream soda!

overlooking the lake 

we walked to this lake where you could see the ducks. A little boy and his parents were feeding them! 

the countryside

me and my best friend frankee 

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