"Knowledge is everything" University tutorial


As usual I was early this time by an hour! Opps... Although better late than never right....

We started off on The Diva topic, now I must admit this is my least favourite topic of all because well I'm just not into opera that much, Eurovision - yes....opera - no.... (Yep that tells you a lot about my musical tastes haha). Anyway this topic now makes much more sense and I feel very confident in answering the question set for the assignment.

She gave us a sheet for studying music which includes:

- Genre
- Form
- Tempo
- Rhythm
- Melody
- Dynamics
- Instrumentation
- Context

And my tutor said to reflect on these topics in the assignment.

Also she went through a previous assignment with us picking out key points and even structuring our assignment which was really great and as usual I made some great notes!

We had a break and then moved onto Plato, which I may add none of us had read because its not on our list till after spring break!

I found Plato really interesting again we had another sheet on a previous assignment and she guided us through it. Also she made a point of asking us what IS a philosophical argument? And what's the purpose and so on.... She also told us how to go about answering the 4 sections of the assignment which when you really look at it is actually really easy!

But the best part of Plato is his quote "knowledge is everything" and I totally agree, I love learning and always want to be learning and gain more knowledge....although not like Faustus! Hahaha

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