Holiday is coming so soon....


So in 1 hour it will only be 16 days until my holiday - not that I'm counting or anything haha.

I'm already sorting out all my clothes making sure what I want is washed and ironed and so on. Maybe I'm doing this a bit too far in advance but I really do want and need a holiday, hopefully it will relieve some of my stresses.

I am one of those people who has S.A.D and is most happy in the sunshine so for me this will be great to get out of this drab and gloomy British wintery weather and into sunny Spain. I just can't wait to lay on the beach!

I wish, I wish, I wish.... I lived near a beach how cool would that be? Seeing the sunset, getting a tan, even walking your dog along the sand in the hot weather! Oh it all sounds so beautiful so relaxing, like paradise. Maybe one day, I hope!

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