Happy day!


I'm not sure why, but today I feel really happy. I'm smiling! I'm actually smiling!

I woke up and was smiling and now at the end of the day I am still smiling! This is a rare beautiful event!

Today the sun was shining a little. I had a good hair day and I went town today with my mum and I brought some CDS and DVDS. I watched 500 days of summer this evening and wow I absolutely loved it its now my favourite film of all time! It made me happy, excited, cry and well it was relatable a great film!

I'm also loving the Scripts album #3... Really I only brought it because mum brought Pamela Faith's album which was in the 2 for £15 offer and I saw the script and thought well I like a few of their songs so I'll get the album and I'm so glad I did because its amazing I love every song!

I also got Lana's album which I've wanted for ages like a year! Haha and I got perks of being a wallflower which I've wanted since it came out on DVD, I read the book and that's awesome too!..... Me and mum are going to have movie day Monday which will be good! :)

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  1. ahh, I love reading your blog xx remember today as your happy day and put those happy drops in your bucket xx In;t it funny how the sunshine helps our moods, we were able to walk Pablo in the park in the sunshine today and even though it was cold it made me feel so happy to have some sunshine on our faces. Have a great Easter and enjoy the moment. So nice to have 'met' you through the ou. Keep smiling xx Janette x