Feedback on assignments


The second assignment on my university course is to re-write and thus improve on the previous assignment using the tutors feedback.

I have just listened to a podcast from the Open University about feedback and it gives you some great tips on how to take the feedback be it negative or positive. They also said how they felt nervous about receiving feedback so it's completely normal to be nervous and apprehensive about the feedback - I know that I certainly get nervous all the time so its nice to know that i'm not alone in this feeling. They also said how feedback isn't a personal attack on you that its something to help you to improve your assignments its just trying to be helpful.

So here's a list of tips when dealing with feedback:

  • Read it once over and then go back to it maybe a day later with a different frame of mind when you re-read it. 
  • Consider and think about all feedback, good or bad.
  • Tick each point when you've thought about what  was said and how to inter great it into your work. 
  • Make a list of general points that have been made.
  • Think about the positive comments too - remember what you did well, and use that in future assignments.
  • Write a list of bullet points of things you did well.
  • Write a list of bullet points of things you need to improve on.

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