Busy day doing nothing....


So today I didn't do much, I pressed a rose from my valentines flowers. Although weirdly I love the look of dying roses more than live ones...if that makes any sense? I just think the dark purple/ black colour is so beautiful, more so than the red!

Also today I met mum out of work, we went to a little cafe in our village and had hot drinks and toasties, it was nice! And I had herbal tea, of course...

This evening however was more active than the rest of my day as I went to an arcade! Played the ice hokey thing, car racing, dancing and guitar hero....also tired to play pool....that didn't go so great...the white ball maybbeeee went over the table....opps?!?!

A great thing happened today though I found an awesome singer named Landon Austin, he does covers on YouTube and he's really, really, really.... Good at it! I just wish I had an iTunes card to purchase his album! Every song is better than the last.


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