A lot can happen in a year...


When you glance over it it seems like nothing changes from year to year but if you really delve into it you can see that actually a lot happens in a year.

2 years ago 2011:

- I drank
- I was very depressed at my 6th form college
- I didn't feel at all clever (doing stupid subjects)
- I was very shy and quiet
- I often sat in my own in class
- I was bullied verbally
- I was in an awful relationship
- I fell out with my best friend holly so felt very alone she'd also moved schools
- things with my parents weren't great at all
- all I did was school everyday life never changed
- I felt like I was on autopilot

This time last year 2012:

- I smoked
- I drank
- I was very depressed to the point of suicidal thoughts daily
- I was at a rubbish college doing a silly course that was never going to get me anywhere
- I didn't feel at all challenged at college it was so easy
- I feel like I spoke to more people in the class
- I was on 100mg of antidepressants daily
- I didn't get on well with my parents at all we hardly spoke
- I didn't read books at all
- I didn't save money at all I just spent it on stupid things

This year 2013:

- I don't smoke
- I am tee-total I don't drink alcohol at all
- I am less depressed
- I no longer get as panicky
- I am at university doing languages that I've always wanted to do - bucket list
- I feel challenged at university
- I am cutting my antidepressants down 100 a day then 50 the next
- I am taking driving lessons - bucket list
- I feel like I appreciate my best friends more, Holly and Frankee (I miss you guys!)
- I feel like I'm getting on better with my parents
- I'm reading much more and thus broadening my mind
- I feel like I want to save money now

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