Spring 2013 Fashion


Looking forward to the spring it's very clear of the latest fashion trends....

1. Floral patterns!
This is a big trend with Skirts seen by Dior, Chanel's crochet dresses and Bottega Veneta's skirts and bras covered in flowers. So pretty!

2. Stripes!
Stripes is another trend that's swarming the catwalks with Dolce and Gabbana's t-shirts, shorts, 
dresses with different coloured stripes ranging from monochrome to beautiful greens.
Michael Kors is also in on the action with long sleeved round neck leotards and Marc Jacob goes for monochrome striped dresses.
Whilst Tommy Hilfiger goes for red, white and blue stripes all over!

3. One shoulder!
One shoulder dresses are always pretty and this spring many designers have made modern one shoulder dresses like Givenchy's modern sharp monochrome dresses.
Lanvin Paris is also going for the one shoulder monochrome look with added bows!
Jitrois goes for a beautiful blue modern shaped one shoulder dress which is so beautiful!

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