Friday night


What do you do with your Friday night?

I know that most people my age go out drinking/partying/clubbing on a Friday night - TGIF.... But honestly, I don't really like all that and not many people will know this about me but I actually don't drink anymore (only occasionally I'll have one glass of wine with a dinner).

My Friday nights consist of books, books and well more books! I am doing a university degree with the OU, which means I have to discipline myself - of course like other uni students I have assignment deadlines but it's easier for me to get distracted being at home and so on.

It's not that I want to go out partying - believe me I don't! In fact in true 'nerd' style I think I'd rather stay in and study at least then I can say I am trying hard at this degree, plus I'm not wrecking my body with booze!

I just guess that sometimes it's lonely....

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