Today three great things happened (in my education life)!
  1. The AA100 Module Site Opened
  2. I found out who my tutor is!
  3. I appiled for an NUS card

The module site is really good from what i've seen and I absoluty love the planner it is great to see where you are and what you are going to be doing. I am very excited and have already started ticking off the boxes! which means I am ahead which I hope conitues as I really don't wish to fall behind.

I got an email today with my tutor information! I believe that she lives near me due to what her phone number is (which I shall not post here). I am very happy that I now have a tutor I no longer feel alone - I have also found out from the facebook group for AA100 feb' starters that 2 others are also from Leicester!

I got an NUS card! Yay!!! I can't wait to get saving espically in waterstones on my books! Since ... 1. I need books for this module and 2. I have a list of books I wish to read the next being the great gastby.

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