Doctor Faustus


Today I brought the set text book for uni 'Doctor Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe.
As soon as I had brought it I couldn't wait to read it so I went to a local cafe sat down with a nice hot cup of tea (nice and warm in contrast to the cold snowy winter wonderland outside).
I find the book so far to be really interesting - especially the parts where he speaks in different languages which interguies me - ofcourse since my degree is in languages!
How was studying in a cafe?
  • Hot Drink
  • No distractions: family, tv, a pile of ironing haha!
  • Relaxing
  • Gets you out the house
  • Personally I find sitting in a cafe for hours awkward as if they are watching and waiting for you to leave - this is England, rush, rush, rush it's not the relaxing cafe en France
  • Loud/Noisy People -although you could listen to music
  • Requires money (for drinks and cakes haha)
Well the Pro's over weight the Cons!
What are your favourite places to study?

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