Café Time


After running a few errands in town I decided to treat myself and have a nice coffee.

I decided to treat myself because town was pretty hectic, cue school children and chav guys throwing insults at you left, right and centre I know that they are probably doing it for a 'laugh' but it does knock your confidence down especially since I've not really been out on my own for a little while now. Anyway rant over!

Instead of having a coffee I opted for a herbal tea, she relied off all the types that they had and I opted for a raspberry one now usually I'm not a healthy person (chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!) but I actually really enjoyed it! So I think that I'll be having another one in the future! I also got a mince pie since its near the end of mince pie season hehe!

Cafés in England aren't as relaxing as in France where you can spend all day there and no one interrupts you where as in England everyone is always in a rush! But it was slightly relaxing none the less!

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